Foam Rolling & Muscle Recovery

Foam rolling is used frequently for many reasons. When people workout they are damaging muscle and fatiguing the body. For many, especially athletes, the ability to recover as quickly as possible is of extreme benefit because you can continue the cycle of breaking down muscle and rebuilding it again, without an increased risk of overtraining.Continue reading “Foam Rolling & Muscle Recovery”

How To Design A Resistance Training Program: Part II

If you have not checked out part 1 of How to Design a Resistance Training Program check that out before you read this. Exercise Order In Part 1, the foundation was laid on how to design a resistance training program. Now we get to the exercise order, or in other words, making the workouts. KeepContinue reading “How To Design A Resistance Training Program: Part II”

How To Design A Resistance Training Program: Part I

For those that are not strength coaches, it may be difficult to design a workout program that is effective for you. There are thousands of workouts/programs online, but they may not directly fit your needs. In these next two posts I will lay out the foundation of what an effective workout program looks like. NeedsContinue reading “How To Design A Resistance Training Program: Part I”

Creatine Supplementation: Should You Take It?

For me personally, creatine supplementation has been a topic of debate for much of my playing career. What does it do? Can it give me an athletic advantage? Are there side effects? These are common questions for those who are contemplating creatine supplementation. In this blog, I am discussing these questions along with adding myContinue reading “Creatine Supplementation: Should You Take It?”

The Basics To Improving Speed

As an athlete, developing speed is one of the most important aspects of your athletic development. Elite speed will enhance performance in nearly every sport. In fact, many studies suggest that speed is the deciding factor between starters and non-starters in team sports (1) Now, for those who read my post on reaching your fullContinue reading “The Basics To Improving Speed”